The Studio/Radio Station Picture Story

In the late hours of Thursday night, a radio show takes place in the not-so-busy radio station of 89.5 WSKB: a nice little radio station that many radio personalities on campus like to call home. Not only is it a great place to talk about the different things happening during the day, it is also an opportunity to play some great electronic music.

While the bass is pumping and music fills the room, we contemplate what else we could throw into the mix: perhaps an uplifting trance song? Or a really hard complextro beat to get our blood flowing. It all depends on our mood and what we really want to hear.

The mixer, while looking like an intimidating table of buttons and knobs, is an essential tool in helping our songs (and voices) be heard. Without this essential piece of equipment, there would be no point in doing a show because we wouldn’t be able to control what we want to do in terms of sound.

When we’ve had our share of music and laughs, my co-host and I try and talk about different events that happened during the day, whether locally or around the world.

Last, and most importantly, I perform a mix of songs that I have put together to engage my listeners and portray to them what I consider to be the best electronic songs of the week. This is the highlight of my radio show because it allows me to express myself with all the music that I can indulge myself in. Radio shows, in my own opinion, are one of the most exciting things that anybody could do, and while it can be tough learning all the equipment that goes along with radio, it is simple and fun once you really get into it.


5 thoughts on “The Studio/Radio Station Picture Story”

  1. Cool post. I like how you take us step by step as to how a night in the studio goes. The pictures are all good too, especially the one of the mixer. You were definitely right to emphasize the importance of it, and it’s great that you put a picture of it too. Some people may not know what a mixer is, so giving them a visual to go along with the text only emphasizes even further how important it is to the whole process.


  2. Great way to bring your readers into a typical Thursday night in your work space. These photos of your life behind the mic, mixing follows through with what this blog is all about. Nice post.


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