Who IS This Guy?!



(Playing Trance on beautiful Pioneer Nexus 2000 CDJ’s)

Let me introduce myself. My name is Brad Bator and I am originally from the Berkshires in Massachusetts, USA. I am a college student now and have had a profound love for electronic music for about six years now. I only recently started to produce electronic music, (mostly trance and electro-house), after having taken many music and music theory classes (playing the saxophone for 12 years helps too).

(Just a headshot of me in my typical dorm room)

I started about three years and a couple months ago, but within that time I have devoted much of my time to learning about music production, techniques for tighter mixes, professional-sounding songs, and making music that is loved by everyone. I have also been DJing for about three years now, but I am much more into producing music rather than playing someone else’s music.

I will admit, I do not have the strongest resume by far producer out there. In fact, I still produce music from my dorm bedroom!


(Me in my “amazing” studio)

But, unlike many producers out there, I am willing to share my ideas and help those of you who are struggling to start producing music like I did.

2 thoughts on “Who IS This Guy?!”

  1. Just read your post about DnB, dubstep and drumstep, and the one on trance, and I loved both of them! EDM genres and subgenres have to be the most confusing thing in the world -sometimes I think they get way too specific. Your articles were really helpful, though. And cool blog in general.


    1. Thank you! I’m planning on posting tutorials soon after I have perfected the techniques of each genre. There will be more to come =)


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Production techniques in FL Studio and tips on producing different styles of electronic music.


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