What This Blog Is About

Hello EDM producers and welcome to Producing Electronic Music!

This blog is dedicated especially to new EDM producers or producers looking to expand their knowledge of production techniques within FL Studio.  This blog aims to expose you to different types of EDM music including trance, dubstep, house, and other genres within the EDM spectrum.

Here, you’ll find lots of stuff to interest you, like videos and step-by-step instructions on how to create tighter and more effective mixes and songs, even if you don’t have a studio.

While there will be some writing and explanations on this blog, most of the posts I make will be videos since it is much easier to provide a visual aspect to show how to do something on FL Studio. The videos will be brief but will have lots of information on how to create that effect or mix in FL Studio.

I hope you enjoy what you see, take something away from here, and expand on the new knowledge you acquire from my blog.

12 thoughts on “What This Blog Is About”

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  3. Been looking for something like this for quite some time. Thanks man. I hope to someday show you some of my tracks.


    1. Thanks man! I haven’t been doing much on the blog but I really should get it back up and running. Just been very busy these past couple of months =)


      1. No problem bro! ahaha if you have more to teach them I’m all ears but for now I’m good. Started from the beginning and working my way up :p Got more tracks? Where can I hear them?


        1. I have some tracks on my soundcloud but I’m working on a few at the moment. My soundcloud is https://soundcloud.com/bradbator.


      2. There pretty sick man! I just really started but feel free to check out my tracks. The first two arnt that great but I’m proud of my Deadmau5 -The Veldt remix. https://soundcloud.com/rekna


      3. I probably started mid last year but was just kind of fooling around. Only really got into it start of this year, mid January. What about yourself? How long?


        1. I have been producing for nearly three years now but I’ve been going very slowly in my progress =/ My advice would be to work on a little bit of a piece everyday to work on your songmaking skills. Starting a song is the hardest part, but if you experiment, you can figure out how to make many different sounds and layers, etc.


    2. Thats sick and yes it definitely takes time to learn everything. I’m kind of going though the blog one post at a time experimenting with one thing or the other. Do you have an email? I’d love to show you the track im working on at the moment.


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Production techniques in FL Studio and tips on producing different styles of electronic music.


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