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Run To My Rescue – Shogun ft Emma Lock (Original Mix)

Brad Bator:

Absolutely love this song. Shogun is perhaps one of the best producers in the trance scene today. Looking forward to new releases by him.

Originally posted on Trance Lyrics:


Maybe I could just choose to ignore this
Let it fade like water through the sand
Maybe I cold just leave this behind me
Some things you’ll never understand
Cause this is such a fine line
A fine line to cross

And this is not a question
Whether you will or you won’t
You either have it or you don’t

Our love’s a stone throw away
We get so near
But we’re still so far away
Concealed behind all our floored disguises

We’re even here at the turn of the tide
Words escape
Like ocean ray of lights
They say you hear it before you see it coming
But you got to see it to believe it with your eyes

Baby are we dreaming?
Through this sky free falling

I’ll never stop loving you
Run to my rescue

I’ll never stop loving you
Run to my rescue

Our love’s…

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