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How To Create Growls With Sytrus in FL Studio

Today I teach you guys how to create growls with Sytrus, a subtractive synthesizer that comes standard with FL Studio. Many producers tend to overlook the power that this synthesizer has because: 1. They think it is inferior to more popular synths like Massive, or 2. They don’t understand how it works.

I bring you through the steps to understand how Sytrus works and how to create growls comparable to Massive and other synthesizers. While the audio isn’t the best, it still covers all the basics and will create a great sound even though my audio isn’t great.

The link to the YouTube video has been posted below. Hope you learn a lot from it!

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Useful Tutorials and Tips on Creating Dubstep, Drumstep, and DnB

In my last post, I admitted that while I listen to plenty of dubstep, drumstep, and dnb, I am not very skilled in making these types of EDM. In order to keep up and allow you to start creating your own dubstep, drumstep, and dnb, I will post links to various websites that will explain and guide you through these processes much more effectively than I could.

While it was hard trying to find videos best suited for you, I chose the best videos that I deemed fit to help teach these style in FL Studio.

Dubstep is created using wobbles and syncopated beats. An effective video to watch on dubstep production is made by It shows the basics on how to create a dubstep beat that hopefully you can elaborate on.

The drumstep tutorial was especially hard to find because it is a generally new genre of EDM. One of the only good videos I could find just demonstrates how to create a drumstep beat. Hopefully later on I can find a better tutorial about this type of EDM.

DnB turned up more favorable results, with a great tutorial and tips and tricks for drum and bass. Another great tutorial on drum and bass is how to create a great piano riff to get ready for a drop in the track. The rest of KevWillow7‘s tutorials are also very helpful in getting started with production and learning tips and tricks in FL Studio.

Once I have gathered more knowledge and the skill set necessary to create my own tutorials, I will post them here. Until then, enjoy these helpful tutorials.


Mixing and Sidechain Compression Tutorial


I finally got my screen recording software to work, so I was finally able to make a video on mixing and sidechain comnpression. Since I am only able to record 15 minutes of video, I tried to cover as much as possible in that time frame.

Audio could be better, but hopefully it will show just enough to help you start mixing and using sidechain compression.

Remember, the best way to get good at something is practice, practice, and practice.

*Tip* – Make a song to fool around with, no boundaries or holding back. Don’t worry about creating a song out of it, just mess with sidechain compression and mixing in order to see what sounds you can create. You’ll never know what you can do until you expand your horizons and learn what all the different VSTs and effects do to your song.

Sometimes, the best music comes from mistakes and luck.


FL Studio First Time Tutorial

As my first post explaining how to use FL Studio, I decided to use a video that I made a few months ago explaining the many different aspects and functions of FL Studio to the first-time user. I have decided that most of this forum will be video-based because it is much easier to show how something is done and follow it rather than read it and have to guess on what to do.

The video has much of the information that you will need to get started on this DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and successfully use it. Leave comments for any suggestions and hopefully in a few days I’ll be able to make another video on FL Studio.