Virtual Riot (Dubstep/Electro/Drum ‘n Bass)

Today’s Electronic Artist spotlight is Valentin Brunn, better known as Virtual Riot. This artist is relatively new to the EDM scene, but he has produced for over eight years.

While many new dubstep artists are popping up everywhere, Virtual Riot tries to keep his synths fresh and creates many new sounds instead of using presets and sample packs. In an interview with DJZ, Virtual Riot states that he thinks, “It’s more like there are those artists who reuse the same sounds all the time and I’m kind of afraid of doing that accidentally as well. I’m always trying to make new sounds and don’t use the ‘cliché’ sounds.” After listening to his music, you can tell he is constantly experimenting with new sounds. His style is distinct and his taste in music is superb.

Virtual Riot has also started to create YouTube tutorials for new producers and also created a .rar folder for you to download his presets on Massive. I highly recommend visiting Virtual Riot’s Facebook page since he loves putting up previews and free downloads of his songs and remixes.

Some of his music is also available on ElectroStep Network and ElectroStep Nation. These two channels are great resources in finding new EDM artists, so get out there and find some great new music!


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